Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nothing is Impossible, The Possibilities are Endless

This is another little gem, courtesy of my "Guidance" from way back in the days when I was first discovering my ability to sense and move energy in my auric field.  Of course, I didn't know anything about auras per say except that I could almost always see a hazy egg shaped shimmer of subtle color around people.

I had no idea what it was called.  It wasn't until about 15 years ago that I learned the label for what I was seeing.
Anyway back to my initial train of thought.  I was amazed at how it felt to circulate energy through my body and around me.  I remember distinctly thinking, "This can't be possible, I must be crazy."  And that is when I got those words,"  Nothing is Impossible and The Possibilities are Endless."   I was stunned by this, too.  I couldn't get over it.  I mulled it over and over.  Later that night after I put the kids to bed and my husband (who was still alive at the time)  went to sleep.  I began meditating on the words.  I must have fell asleep because I found myself in a dream listening to a woman named Elena explain to me why the concept my Guidance gave me sounded so outlandish to me.

She told me about how my conscious mind was focused on the physical realm and therefore subject to the limitations collectively agreed upon by the human condition.  In other words, I saw what I was preconditioned to accept as reality.  I believed what was acceptable reality in this physical realm.  Even though I was having experiences and knew things that were not within the parameters of preconditioned reality thinking.

For the next few weeks I had more dreams of Elena talking to me.  She told me more about preconditioned thought patterns and the limitations we place on things by naming and labeling them.   She told me about the heart being the intersection between the physical and beyond the physical world.   That my weaknesses here were actually my greatest strength. That understanding was "candy" for the conscious mind...that "Knowing" was the thing to hold on to.   Mathematics was a universal language, Being was the ultimate verb and noun. To do without doing and know without understanding why.  (I still have a problem with this one.)   She told me so many things in those weeks and then she went away.

But I never forgot those intense talks that she gave me in my dreams those weeks so long ago.  Elena has come back from time to time.  Not frequently but always with something to say that I never forget.  Something so simple yet has such impact on my thinking and my being.

Today I was outside standing on my little bridge looking down into the hollow at the field that runs to the foot of the mountain.  It was so beautiful with the sun's rays beaming through the lush green foliage of the trees.  As I stood there admiring the view I couldn't help thinking about where I was headed, what direction my life would take.   And those words came back to me.."Nothing is impossible and the possibilities are endless."

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