Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Still Pondering the Tattvic (Tattwic) Tides

The flow of energies is never ending.  Like blood, water, air it flows all around us, through us and makes us what we are.  But something I learned (or remembered) a long time ago;  some types of energy feel different.  I am energy sensitive and when I was very young it scared me to death when I realized not everyone felt or sensed what I felt.

As I got older and with a lot of "Inner Support" (Inner Guidance); I slowly learned to pay attention to it closely and to utilize this "sensing" into my discernment system.   This has proven to be priceless to me  Once I began to trust myself to sense energies mindfully,  I opened up to recognizing different types of vibrational patterns.

I learned which ones needed my full attention, which ones alerted me to something, which ones signaled the changes of consciousness during meditation and which ones signaled, "stay away".

I am not going to get into the metaphysical philosophy of this.  This is my truth and is part of my path and growth.  My point of bringing this up is that for the last three days I have sensed some very uncomfortable energy.  I am observing it and how it affects me.  At the same time paying close attention to my "Inner Guidance"  as I process this heavy uncomfortable electrical energy to raise the vibrational level in my environment.   This energy in it's raw form has definite affects on my emotions.  I noticed a great relief when I began processing this energy in my environment with Reiki and Meditation.  Still Blah but not stuck or stopped up like I was.    I am still moving along.

That is what has me still pondering the "Tattwic Tides".   How these tides of energy are affected by planetary alignment. (I believe in astrology, I just have no talent in this area)  How the tides change yearly, monthly, quarterly and down to  every 24 minutes.

I wonder what is causing this big influx of energy I sense?


  1. Hi, have not practiced as long as you, I was actually looking up Tattwic symbols when you blog fell in my lap ( I love it when things like that happen to me,, and it's been a lot lately) anyway, very impressive. I also have been going through a healing period in my life, also have studied and worked hard, practice takes a lot of energy, whew! I believe in astrology as well, and also suck at it, we each have our gifts. That what you just expressed from what I understand and going through the cycles is called Mercury Retrograde.. I also had a real rough time with it, and each time it occurs people that are sensitive to the force's of nature, and earth will experience all sorts of just "blah" Im hoping that this is not your only post,, Im going snooping now,, and will share,, ty, and Blessed be with love and light. Lady Kane Lightworker<3

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I love astrology and believe in it as a viable way to map the path of humans..but I am just no good at it.

    I appreciate input about astrology or anything really.

    Peace be with you..


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