Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Importance of Loving Myself as a Primary Goal

I can see more clearly all the time the absolute importance of loving myself.  I also believe it to be one of the most difficult things to do.  Some of it is my preconditioning.

We live in a society that encourages self denigration.  Not intentionally but that is the way it plays out.  The human condition that is focused totally in this physical plane did its best to make up its own rules to dispel fear and  promote stability and structure. In reality; it caused people to settle their thinking into collective societal groups that perceive value using very shallow criteria.  

In my own personal life I make goals..short term and long term.  Most of them I have met..sometimes after years..It's a struggle sometimes because  the most formidable obstacle I have found was myself.  I get in my own way. 

I have to come realize that Loving Myself has got to be my primary goal.  Unconditional acceptance and love.  Only by loving myself can I interrupt the obstacles I throw in my own way via ego, emotions, preconditioned concepts of reality and most of all Fear.   

No matter what I am trying to accomplish I have to overcome myself first.  Since making Loving myself a primary goal I find that I am working with myself more instead of feeling so scattered and fighting with myself.  

If this sounds is what it is.  Me trying to put something into words that is way beyond mere words.  

Love myself, accept myself, Live in the Now, choose to be happy and love life. (meaning have fun doing things I love)   To reach beyond what is considered desirable and acceptable in collective societal perception to a place beyond this physical plane and perceive myself as I truly am.   To manifest my most authentic self.

According to my Inner Guidance, if I make this my primary goal the rest will follow.  The flow will be unstoppable.   I have already noticed that the more I love myself, the more love I have for others.  It flows without judgement or reservation.   I am learning to truly love more unconditionally.  I sense a flow of love   from a place that has nothing to do  my expectations, fears,  fantasies or insecurities.  It is setting me free little by little.   

Hmmm...I think this goes back to the Acceptance thing..

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