Thursday, June 30, 2011

Subdued Day for Me

I am somewhat subdued today.  Not sad or depressed.  Just quiet with a slight displaced sensation in my solar plexus.

It is a beautiful day and usually I am out of the house most of the day but not today.  I haven't done very many physical type activities.  Which is kind of strange for me.  Something in me is telling me to be still.  Whenever I get the urge to break out and start tearing part of the house apart cleaning or go pull up some weeds or do some more work on cleaning out the garage..I get this distinct message.  "Be Still"  So I am.  It's hard cause my thoughts of ego/personality are telling me.."get up you lazy turd, the suns out and there is work to do."  But since I am now my own best friend and quietly and gently urge my thoughts and impulses to quiet down.

I would say it was a reflective day or thoughtful day but I would be lying.  I am not really thinking or least not consciously.  I just am here today.  I am in the moment the Now.  I am not even working on my Healer Apprenticeship homework.

I tried out the meditation video I placed on my blog yesterday.   I really like it.  But like anything you read or see..take what you need and let the rest go.  You don't have to believe or agree with everything in order to gain tidbits of knowledge and triggers that help.

I meditate so many ways.  But I did start out very simply just sitting quietly and breathing.  I adapted new parts along the way and different methods for different things.   But this method shown in the video is very good.  In fact...I am going to use the rest of my quiet day to meditate even more.

That's one impulse I sensed wholehearted agreement about from my Guidance.  Meditate and give my Aura a good cleaning.  Maybe a little Reiki.  That will be the rest of my day.

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