Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Still Immersed in Reiki

I continue to work with Reiki constantly.  I mean constantly!  I have for quite a few days.  And some very interesting things are starting to happen.  I tentatively planned my day and not one minute of it is as I planned.  And that's ok.  Because I chose to live "under Guidance" ..totally for this time period.

I am playing it by ear and diligently working through my anxieties.  Which are significant only because they represent my inner workings not the conditions of my life.  The conditions and environment of my physical life are excellent.  I am in a good place in all ways.  But it is so different than anything I knew ..well it proves that even good things can cause anxiety.

Today my meditation and continued Reiki led me to take a few more steps of giving up my old life..and embracing my new life.  It was difficult..because quite frankly, my life in Virginia for the past 6 years were pretty damned good.  I have great friends there, a huge metaphysical network..etc.. I wasn't running away from a condition, bad love affair, catastrophe..no..I wasn't running away I was running to something.  I was coming to a new level of living..And it will not be a copy of the one I was living in Va...it will be totally different.

And I have faith it will be even better than anything I could imagine.   If I could just get a clearer picture of what I am meant to do.  But I know that will come..my task now is to "be"..to flow, center and balance in a deeper way than ever before.  On my own, without my network, contacts or friends.   I have my partner with me and that is wonderful.  And my dog, Evie.  Who is exhibiting a transformation of her own.

My wild, mule headed little lab/border collie girl has settled down into a dog I don't even recognize.  She is calmer, she obeys me all the time, I can walk her easily with a regular leash or without..she stays right with me.   Best of all she is gloriously happy.

So...my plan is continue stepping up the meditation and Reiki...and be open to what comes.   To know I am in the correct place at the correct time.  To acknowledge that I will NOT be recreating my life in Virginia here in West Virginia.   It's a new page..a new chapter of being, knowing, growing.

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