Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hmmm...I am really into sounds right now.

For the last two weeks I find myself being drawn more and more into different sounds. I have ALWAYS loved all kinds of music..but now it is particular sounds I am resonating with. Another song by Elijah and the Band of lights was recommended to me by the person who gave me a really amazing intuitive reading. I was looking them up on youtube because I have never heard of them but really resonated to the sounds they make.

I am totally drawn to this one If anyone out there is reading this. Try it..it is unique and uplifting in it's own simple but effective way.

I also have a link to the lady who did my intuitive reading, Isis Awakens. I never had one before but my Guidance found her and chose her to do it. She is genuine, totally without guise and is very gifted in this area.

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