Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Processing old pain and focusing my muse on the plants

I am sitting quietly beside the place where I am stuck. I am observing this and experiencing whatever comes along with it. Processing it..moving the energy through me and releasing it. My muse are the plants and their spirits which I love. This keeps me from becoming pulled in by the huge tide of released emotions.

It keeps me grounded..and reminded of the joys the Mother provides through Nature.

I realize these emotions are about so many different things. Loss, grief, deep sorrow, anger and , of course, fear. I am so thankful for the underlying sense of joy I have in my life. If these painful feelings were all I had it would be horrible. I well remember a time when that is all I had.

I am so blessed!

My favorite plant is Mullein. I am not sure why. I was first introduced to this plant at the Healers Apprentice class..I took the beginning of July. And I can't get it out of my mind..The shape of it..the leaf patterns and stalk design..I can see in my mind's eye. I love the feeling the plant emits. The vibration is familiar. Yet when I feel the energy from this plant it's like I am remembering a long forgotten or misplaced memory of something I knew well.

I don't have any Mullein in my yard for some reason. But I did find some down the road..along the ditch and in fields. I can't see anyone minding me taking a few "weeds". I want to replant..and have many in my yard..

I also love Queen Anne's Lace, Dandelions, Red Clover and Plantain; which I have oodles of. I am also looking for Burdock..which is also strangely absent from my yard. Wow, see..I get so excited talking and thinking about the plants. I can lose myself in this.

Mullein, The Mother Plant

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