Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Value of Sounds and How sound affects me now

For some reason the last few weeks I have become more aware of how sound affects me. I can't explain it well. I just know that I have immersed myself in listening to different sounds. I have such a wealth of opportunity for sound sampling on the net.

I have literally bombarded my Facebook with Youtube clips of sound. And I put a few on here that I was drawn to the most. It's almost like I am trying to find a sound that is similar to the ones I hear somewhere inside of me, around me when I am in a deep meditation.

First I hear air rushing around me. Then it turns into a buzzing cicadas or bees. I was pretty familiar with that for years. Now it moves from the buzzing to a sort of sound pulsation. And if I stay in the state any longer the pulsations run together and it sounds like music. I can feel the pulsations in all the chakras and it swirls the energy around these energy centers.

A couple of days ago I was outside cleaning up an area near my wee garden. I was so immersed in what I was doing that I started to hear the musical like pulsations. And when I feel/hear this it makes my body feel like it is in a meditative state and energy rushes through me.

Later I told my partner that I thought I heard the trees singing. He made a funny face but was very kind. I mean he didn't call me crazy or anything.

I have always loved music and maybe this is an extension of it? I have no idea but I love the vibration pulsations and the lift of energy throughout my body.

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