Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Life is an Adventure, Not a Prison Sentence

I remind myself of this frequently even though, intellectually, I know this. I sometimes lose sight of that internally. When rhythm becomes routine and then descends down to a "by rote" rut; I need to get a hold of myself and take a look around.

I seem to trap myself in the spirit of : I have to get this done or my life won't be very good.

I suspect it is what happens when I become distracted from the "Now" and let my emotion/personality/ego take over while I mull over the thoughts they bring to my mind. UGH Don't get me wrong...the emotion/ego/personality trio are helpful and necessary in this physical plane. It's not about ridding myself of them. It is about training them to work with the totality of higher self, my will. Not take over and rule my reactions and responses to things.

I am kind of in spinning mode today. I don't exactly know how to describe it any better except it is a spinning sensation in my energy centers. And there is a lot of heat moving up my spine up to the back of my neck. The place of my kundalini.

I have felt it rise at different times. But usually when I was doing a meditation ,giving Reiki, or working on journeying with my power animal. I have never felt it rise at a seemingly random time. I feel body aches but that is because I upped the resistance on my stationary bike for uphill. I am spinning inside with heat moving up my back. I feel fine..I am just kind of amazed.

So I want to consciously view everyday as an opportunity for growth and learning no matter what I am doing.

I want to live as though every day is an adventure. No matter what I am doing or where I am going. I want to view everyday as a blessing of learning and acquiring more wisdom. Of becoming stronger and more deeply entwined in my relationship with Creator/Spirit/God/Goddess/Divine Mother/Father God/The Source.

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