Saturday, July 2, 2011

Synchronicity! Yay!

"Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events, that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner."

I so very much believe in synchronicity. To the point that I don't have faith in the concept of luck or coincidence. And I saw it blatantly in action this morning.

I will give a bit of background in case someone out there is reading this so it will make some kind of sense. My partner has enjoyed a Life Long passion for finding things..artifacts. Since I met him some of our most wonderful excursions are trampling through woods looking for arrowheads or civil war bullets. He has so many things he has found and he treasures them as much as he treasures me.

The monetary value really doesn't come in to play with his finds..discovery of these things sparks something inside of him. He holds these relics like they are part of his body.

We moved to West Virginia. He found a job almost immediately doing something totally different than ever before..on a shift that he has never worked and receiving half of what he used to earn in Virginia. His job entails driving up mountains that are nearly impassable, working for 12-16 hour shifts 5-6 days a week at night. And he loves it and he is thriving with it. In fact he loves it so much that he was called in to work last night, unexpectedly at a site he had never been and would probably never go again. It was his night off. He went reluctantly because they were desperate ..but wait..something profound happened.

He met a new co-worker this morning at the site he was sent to. Simon began talking about his biggest passion (after me, of course) and the guy opened his car and handed Simon a book that he wrote on collecting artifacts. The guy is an expert. Simon was in absolute heaven to talk to a kindred relic hunting spirit.

The guy literally floated home this morning..he was ecstatic as he woke me up to tell me about it. And after relaying this amazing experience he got quiet and then said,"And to think if I had said no, I would maybe have never met this guy." Synchronicity at its best!

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