Sunday, July 3, 2011

A set of great meditation videos

One of my sister/best friends, Denera, told me about this great series of Chakra Meditation
Videos. She was right. I very rarely use any type of meditation videos..but I found one a few days ago I thought was really excellent..and now these. I tried them all out.

This series is called,"Inner Workout" by Shirley Maclaine. I am a seriously huge fan of Shirley Mclaine and I was delighted and amazed to watch these. They are awesome, easy to follow and very effective. The videos come in four parts and it is best to do them in numerical sequence.

It's not about finding "the one and only and best" way to meditate. It's about finding a method or practice that works for you. And these videos give some good yet simple ideas. I have found after many many years of meditating..the simplest methods can lead to the most profound meditations. The simple effective methods are the ones we will use daily. (Or sometimes more than once a day..I am a meditation addict)

So Thank you, Denera for bringing this to my attention!

Enjoy and feel free to comment with questions or share a meditation experience.

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