Thursday, August 4, 2011

Returning from the Beach, New Job and Doing my Homework

This is a picture of some of the graves in the front yard on Saxis Island. There are some on e everyone's front yard. I loved it!
This picture was taken of the house we stayed in on Saxis Island by my daughter.

My daughter and I went to Saxis Island, Va..on the Eastern Shore for three days. We stayed with my other best friend (sister) in her 200 year old waterman's house. It is so atmospheric and just plain awesome. Besides the house and it's unique personality...there are small cemeteries everywhere. There are graves in everyone's yard. Because we are at sea level, they are covered by a half cylinder shape of old concrete.

A huge marsh is in back of the house and the Chesapeake Bay lies in front. The ocean is 11 miles away. Saxis Island was settled in the 1600's and has a population of about 200 people. Mostly watermen. A very time honored tradition. This place is fascinating to me.

A few miles down the road is Chincoteague Island. It is a kind of rustic, retro, beautiful beach town. If you ever go there be sure and visit Egret Moon. This is a tiny little occult/art type shop that has great vibes. So does the owner, Megan McCook. She hosts a drumming circle every Saturday night. I wanted to go but I was too enthralled with the ocean and didn't make it back in time.

After going Egret Moon and having a late lunch, early dinner at the Chincoteaque Inn, we went to Assateague Island to the beach. And there, for the first time in all my life, I got fully into the ocean and swam. I have never been past my knees in the ocean before...but this time..I went all out and loved it! I was in the water for almost 2 hours.

My daughter and I returned to West Virginia on Sunday night. I have been working on the yard and working on my Healers Apprenticeship homework. I spent all day doing conscious projections, spinal cleansings, cord replacement and healing. I have to transcribe all of my notes at some point.

It was raining yesterday so it just seemed a good idea. I tried out my new massage table. I practiced on my daughter and my partner.

I start a new job on Monday. I will be doing private duty for a woman with MS. She lives at home with her husband. He is a pastor and I will be taking care of her while he tends to his church. It is not too far from me..and I am kind of looking forward to it. I will be working approximately 15 to 20 hours a week. And the hourly rate is not bad for the scope of my responsibility, skill level that will be utilized and the usual rate for a nurse in West Virginia.

That's my news.

The job will be kind of perfect for me. I am praying it works out. But I honestly think it will because it came out of nowhere and was pretty much what I was looking for. Synchronicity.

I am still kind of unsettled..unsure etc...I think it is from being in a different kind of place in a different kind of life. I think the end of my speculation has come and I am now winging it. I am well out of my comfort zone and haven't given myself a chance to make another. I don't intend to..

I am kind of worried about my daughter. I find myself wanting to nag her to get busy with her visa so she can join her husband. She talks about missing him so badly but it makes me crazy that she seems to be dragging her feet and is so distracted. Also she keeps saying she wants a job but hasn't got one yet.

Basically this is none of my business and the fact that I am worried about it tells me that something about this has triggered my own insecurities to make me worry. It is not my job to worry about this and certainly not to give her my opinion on it..unless she asks.

This is for her to work out with her husband. I have agreed with myself that I will focus on what about this triggers anxiety in me and not butt into her personal business.

I am kind of unsure what will happen next but I am excited about life in a strange way. It's a feeling that doesn't overcome everything..just a steady rhythmic sensation in the background.

I still continue my obsession with plants. I am on the lookout for some Mullein to transplant into my yard. Who is going to accuse me of stealing weeds??

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