Monday, May 9, 2011

End of the Day Summary

It was another beautiful day. And Thanks BE I feel so much better. I got up at 830 am..after sleeping so many hours. I had coffee..tested the waters of my tummy and it was good! The day called me outside. So while my partner slept (after he got home from work) I took my dog and we walked out my side yard all the way to the back where the outbuildings are..and raked brush and debris away from the building and the doors. Found the Roto-tiller and rolled it out. (and it looks to be ancient) I rolled it back to the garage. Not an easy feat but I did it.

I rested a bit after this and did other chores around the house and cooked dinner. Then I got ready to go to my aunt's house. After my love left for work I drove over to see her for a spell.

I came home and have been thinking a lot. About where I am going. I feel like I am headed somewhere but it is so different than anyplace I have been. It's hard to put into words.
I am moving steadily towards something big. I can feel it in me and but I can't name it or recognize it. It's a direction that I am headed that feels soo right. But how could that be?

The sense of this is so strong in me that I am going to trust it. And go with it. It feels like I am following the truest part of me to what I truly need and want in this life. It is not clear enough to me least in my conscious mind.

Tonight I was pondering this. I asked my "Inner Guidance" what is the next move? I always ask that everyday. I get answers but it is like flashes of a movie in my head..of me doing something or words that rise up in my inner reading in my head. In a crazy's best if you don't ask cause if I try to explain it sounds crazier than it is. It just is.

The interesting thing about asking my Inner Guidance for direction..I do get answers..and it is always very immediate and very practical..for the most part..and then all of a sudden the answers take a sudden turn. Well everyday this week I asked as I usually do. Kind of recapping the day and what needs to be done. I usually get things like washing a load of clothes, reading a book, walk the dog, take care of something (like the car insurance last night. another story for another day). Tonight it was to watch television. So I did..I flipped through the channels and didn't feel any particular feeling until I got to Bravo I think it is..and there was a show on about Bethany Frankel. My Inner Guidance made it clear that this is what I needed to watch.

And it was interesting. I used to watch the Housewives thingie when it first started..that's where I first saw Bethany on television. After a couple of shows I just stopped...And because I had preconditioned myself to think that anyone or anything previously associated with that would be shallow and silly. Wrong..oh yeah I was wrong.

I watched her show and it was about her traveling to different cities to talk about her new book about getting through life in a better way. Well I am all about that. The book is called, "A Place of Yes".

Ok...I turn on the show and she is in an auditorium filled with women of all ages, shapes and sizes and she said," Break the chain" and "All roads lead to Rome" and my Inner Guidance is making it really clear that they want me to pay attention and to obtain her book.

Now, I find that odd because my Inner Guidance rarely urges me to read books. It is part of the breaking up the cycle of preconditioning in me. Anyway..I ordered the book. I read all the time but mostly murder mysteries. Very few metaphysical books. Except for the incident a few days ago. hmmmmm..

Well..that's all I have to say. I am still moving...step by step down my road. Can't tell for sure where I am headed..but it's ok...The way is pretty good.


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