Saturday, May 14, 2011


I woke up in a panic this morning. I didn't have an agenda. I didn't plan my whole day out to the minute like I have been. I had a suggestion/request from my partner to run an errand which I will do. But that's as far as I have planned.

I feel like I am in the deep end of the swimming pool and momentarily forgot how to swim and can't feel the bottom of the pool under my feet. I am groundless.

I have felt like this many times before but I quickly forced an avoid the discomfort of feeling groundless. I am no longer doing that. Solid ground under my feet is an illusion. my authenticity is about what I do when I feel groundless. What do I do? I move along. I recognize now that feeling groundless is a form of fear.

I take three deep breaths; mindfully balancing, centering and focusing. I take a look around me and see where I am in the NOW. I circulate my aura and connect with my "Inner Guidance", my "Power Animal" and initiate Reiki.
Then I notice, feeling nothing solid under my feet, causes me to live from minute to minute, step by step, open to everything. Scary stuff but pretty awesome.

I am back and I have more to say about feeling "groundless". My mindful decision to move along without the solid ground of direction worked out in the strangest way. I have been searching for Reiki groups and Reiki shares since I moved here. I went to the Health Food Store (which took me weeks to find but finally I found it a couple of weeks ago..yay)

I bought some b-day present for the sister who is turning 50 something on Friday and who will be coming to see me. I browsed through the little bulletin board and couldn't find any listings for Reiki shares. The girl working there asked me what I was looking for...and I told her.

She said," Do you do Reiki?" I said, "oh yes". She beamed and told me in June she is planning to have a mini festival in the parking lot with massage therapist, yoga instructors and she would love it if I would come and do Reiki because so few people do it in this area. So she took my name and number and asked me to get on Vista and have some business cards done and bring some in.

Ok...I am doing that. Awesome. I was thinking if I found enough people interested in learning Reiki, I have enough room here I could handle 5 people or so at a time. But that is for another day to think over. Today I went, got my elderberry tea and b-day presents...And I came home and ordered my business cards.

All because I "leaned in" to my feeling of groundlessness. Awesome!

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