Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sparks of Insight or Streams of Hidden Wisdom?

I woke up with this running through my head.  What is this all about?  For some reason I love the phrase,"Sparks of Insight."  It makes my heart feel lighter and happier when I repeat it.  Sparks of Insight?  Does that mean the sparks of insight ignite into something streams of hidden wisdom?

What is my "spark of insight" today.  I woke up with this excited kind of energy running through me.  So strong it is almost uncomfortable.  My mind began frantically whirling, trying to figure out what I should do today.  The mind chatter became deafening.  I got a hold of myself and took some deep breaths.  I placed myself in the Now with my full attention after gently reminding my mind chatter to calm down.

I have learned that in those priceless and rare moments when I can calm my emotional/egoistic based mind chatter down; simple but profound insights emerge.   I become inspired rather than driven.  I have begun to note that the more I mindfully practice this, moments of calming my mind chatter the more my mind responds.  These priceless and rare moments are slowly becoming a pattern that I recognize and welcome.

Maybe the "sparks of insight"  help me open the "streams of hidden wisdom."  Maybe that is the message for me.
I am not sure where the sparks of insight will lead me today.  It is beautiful out, the sky is blue and the sun is shining.  I am in the Now, the mind chatter is quieted.   And in this moment I am again reminded; Life is an adventure not a prison sentence.

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