Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Wonder What Happened Today

I made plans for today that I was really looking forward to. And the day is so beautiful and mild. There are water puddles in the yard from the rain last night but the sky is so blue and so clear in contrast with the varying shade of green everywhere with sunlight streaming through the branches of the trees.

What Happened? I went to sleep last night about Midnight with a little upset tummy...I woke up with a low grade fever and raging diarrhea with breath taking stomach cramping..DAMN! At first I thought oh this must be something I ate that didn't agree but no..crap...It is now 6pm and the raging nausea and diarrhea is gone I am just left feeling like someone ran over me and then backed up to make sure the job was done.

So..why would this happen? I really looked forward to going to my aunt's for dinner. I looked forward to going for a little drive afterward. Hell, I even looked forward to filling my gas can up with gas for the tractors then coming home and raking up the yard in the very back with the outbuildings.

I did nothing. Well I did make my love something for lunch when he got up at 1230pm even though he told me not to bother. But I wanted to..he is working a double to day. He got home by 8am and then had to leave here by 1:30. 4 hours is not enough sleep. At least he ate well.

After he left for work I let the dog out to potty, put a load of clothes in to wash and started the dishwasher. Then to bed. I just got up. I feel pretty calm..I guess this was meant to be. I don't know why.

The unexpected quality of this. would make me wonder if it wasn't psychosomatic except I was truly looking forward to everything I planned. There was no reason for it. My partner thinks I overdid it working around the house and yard. I don't do that much. Most of it is puttering and I get real satisfaction and even delight from it. I merely picked up a little bug somewhere. For the purpose of being still? Maybe. Right now I am writing and drinking my hot tea. It is the only thing I am thirsty for. And I got a strange craving for Rice Krispie Treats. So I made some a few minutes ago.

I am going back to bed now..with my book and my tea. I feel my "Guidance" around me. With very strong energies. I made the choice not to feel guilty for not taking my dog for her daily walk. I am a little weak, headache y and just plain not able to do much. Tomorrow it will be gone.

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