Sunday, May 15, 2011


I meditated for a long while. It felt so being away and returning home. It didn't immediately fix everything but it helped place things in a perspective I didn't see before.

Meditation to me is like an extended prayer in which more energy than words are used. It's like washing my insides and outsides out on all levels and stabilizing my core. I feel connected and my most authentic self. Because you can't hide what you are when exchanging energy with Higher

After I meditated; I made dinner while I wait for my partner to finish his sleep before he has to get up and get ready to return to work. Then I grabbed all my crystals from my altar and put them in a green bowl and cleansed them good with Reiki and then recharged them. I put them back and charged the grid. It feels great. Like a battery pulsating. I am listening to Arugama and burning my favorite incense.

At times it appears to me that I am so preoccupied with myself to the point of being self-centered. My "Inner Guidance" continues to help me remember that being occupied and centered in my self is where I need to be. From there I can expand. If I ignore it I get in my own way.

I don't know what will happen tomorrow or an hour for now. But for this moment in the NOW..I feel recharged, balanced and focused.

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