Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hypnotherapy? Past Life Regression? hmmmm

I been thinking about something lately. Well, I think about a lot of things but I been thinking a lot about the stuff I (and everyone else) have stored deep inside me that I don't want to deal with. I know it's there. I knew years ago. I have mindfully worked toward not adding anymore unprocessed and unacknowledged garbage deep inside me.

And also I been thinking about my son-in-law. A very gifted young man. Extraordinarily so. He is a Hypnotherapist (among other things equally creative)...I enjoyed listening to him speak about hypnotherapy. At one time I thought it was a bit leery of hypnotherapy but after speaking to him about it, I am not sure anymore.

I think I have too many memories of the showbiz version where people are barking like dogs and things. I know it is way more than that now.

I can see hypnotherapy being utilized as a tool to helping locate the things buried inside of us that can be processed and then let go of. I am all about that.

It becomes more apparent to me everyday how much we are influenced emotionally by the garbage we have buried deep inside of us that we didn't want to or could not deal with.

I think about it this way. Our subconscious stores every memory we have. I think of most of them as neatly boxed up and labeled for easy access when we need to find something. Our conscious mind can only store so much. But like any storage area garbage somehow gets mixed up with the organized stuff. Look at garages, attics, basements, spare rooms. There are well organized storage bins etc. Then something comes along and we don't have the time, don't want to deal with it or it is too painful to look at and we can't make ourselves throw it away..we throw it in the storage area.

It leaks, spills out and tangles itself with other things. It gets in our way when we try to go into the room to find the organized stuff. It blocks our way when we are trying to find something important. It attaches itself to our memories through painful emotions triggered by seemingly random events. plan was a few years ago when I realized this (thanks to my Inner Guidance) was to begin mindfully utilizing the "formula for processing emotions". (stimulus-perception-interpretation-response-reaction) Allow myself to feel what I feel and not shove it away at the same time anchoring myself in the Now. Reaffirming the "State of Acceptance"
Giving myself and the pain I am feeling Reiki while I process it. This is great and I truly believe it has assisted me to NOT add more garbage to the storage. And I believe I have worked through and cleared some of the buried garbage but there is more.

Today I woke up and was having coffee and watching the local news. A story came on about a nurse in Mercer County that was voted to be one of the most excellent nurses. It made me cry..and felt painful. It came suddenly and without warning. Ok..I let it go through me and ran through the formula ..etc...and then I am letting that sit on the back burner while I observe it; and a story about the "health care reform' came on and it started it up again.

I did not attach to anything..either stimulus. I have trained myself well enough to interrupt that part of the cycle and I am so thankful. So I could tell that the emotional discomfort was almost an equal intensity from both of the stimuli. Otherwise the subjects themselves were unrelated but definitely related to something inside of me.

After I stopped sniffling..(omg it just comes when it comes) and I processed the discomfort enough to observe it..I extricated this much information from my response and reaction. It was related to some kind of feeling of being left out or isolated from a state of exclusivity. Is the best way I can describe it. This is very embarrassing to admit and I will not trivialize the impact on my inner self (because I am learning to be my own best friend, remember?) Now I am not saying there is not more to this. There is but I can't get a clear enough "feeling-picture" of it to recognize.

First I am kind of elated to finally be able to observe this process and interrupt it in a healthy way. I am amazed at how my subconscious has linked two unrelated topics to trigger this painful discomfort in me. Interesting. Now I am damned curious.

Which brings me back to hypnotherapy. If I knew a trusted Hypnotherapist (my son-in-law is unfortunately far away from me at this time, dammit) I would be able to go deeper and see how these two totally different items triggered the exact same response in me and hence the reaction of crying and discomfort. I could see the garbage...separate it from the good stuff and clean it out of the storage area. What in the hell did I shove down there that would cause me to respond and react this way?

And then I was thinking ...some people claim that past life issues carry over into our present lives.

(And, Oh yes I believe in past lives! But that's just me and I respect the opinions of those who do not believe. )

People are fascinated with Past Life Regression. I know I am but my combined wisdom of the ages I have been in this realm have taught me that what or who I was back in the day have no bearing on this life span except for the experiential wisdom I brought with me. That's what I want to access and for the most part I believe I have.

But now I have another reason. If there is any leftover garbage stored in me from a past life issue..I want to process it and let it go.

I want to get out of my own way. I want to be what I am to my fullest potential.

And I find the human condition so fascinating. Even more so now that I can observe my own issues with more objectivity.

Ok..that's fingers are tired and I want to ponder some other things now.

Until later

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