Thursday, August 25, 2011

Earthquakes and Hurricanes

I, like so many others, am still surprised by the earthquake that occurred on Tuesday. I never felt a thing here. Most people I spoke to here in this part of West Virginia didn't feel it either. But in Virginia where I lived before I came here, it was pretty severe.

My daughter and my "sister" called me after it happened. They said their house shook like a washer that was unbalanced. My "sister" told me something Monday night that was very interesting and I didn't put the two together until later.

Monday night she called me to say that she saw something very strange in the sky. She described it to me. And even though I am surprisingly skeptical about UFO sightings but that is exactly what it sounded like. My partner has seen quite a few here up in the mountain when he is at work. It sounded almost like the same thing. And that's what I told her. She thought it was too.

I got off the phone Tuesday and began to wonder. I don't believe in coincidence. She saw it the night before the earthquake. What could that mean?

Then later, my daughter sent me a clip of an article where my sister's account is published along with other sightings. Hmmmmmm...

This is taken directly from the EXAMINER.COM

Virginia earthquake: 'No uptick' in UFO activity says MUFON state director

Roger Marsh, UFO Examiner
August 23, 2011 - Like this? Subscribe to get instant updates.

Major geological events like the August 23, 2011, east coast U.S. earthquake often triggers UFO investigators to search for unidentified flying object activity in the same region. One longstanding theory is that "they" know what is coming and are perhaps monitoring the situation.

The east coast does continue with fairly heavy UFO traffic reports in the third quarter - Missouri in particular these past few weeks - and there has been some reporting on a regular basis out of Virginia.

Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Virginia State Director Susan Swiatek was reached at her home in Fairfax today - about 90 miles northeast of the epicenter at Mineral, VA - and asked to comment on any unusual UFO activity in the region prior to and during the actual earthquake.

Swiatek's comments:
"Today (August 23, 2011) at 1:51 p.m., a 5.8 earthquake hit Virginia, the epicenter being located at Mineral, which is about 35 miles northwest of the capital of Richmond.

"I heard in Mineral a woman ran out of her house just in time to see it collapse. Others are posting videos of a partial building collapse that crushed cars, but there is no indication where in the state that occurred. My husband Rob reports at our house in Fairfax the squirrels were visibly terrified as he ran out of the house. Neighbors were panicked out in the streets, but no obvious damage was seen.

"I work up in Rockville, MD, and I can tell you on the third floor here I first thought the HVAC system had gone bonkers. When the shaking got pretty violent, I thought it must be a co-worker playing with me and shaking my cubicle. I wheeled around to confront him with a smile and then I screamed as the true nature of the event was evident. Many people were running from their offices and cubes, file cabinets were flung open, pictures fell from walls and a few sprinkler heads shook loose and rained down from the ceiling. A block away from my office, plate glass windows appeared to explode as they shattered under the stress.

"With all this going on, those in the UFO community may wonder if earthlights were reported or if there was any uptick in local UFO sightings in general leading up to the quake.

"A woman in Warrenton (50 miles from the epicenter) reported the following at 10:25 p.m. the night before the quake (August 22).

"'I was inside watching cable TV. It started having trouble with the reception when a helicopter loudly passed overhead. I ran outside to look, since it is unusual for one to pass so low at such a late hour, although we are not all that far from Dulles Airport, and see them occasionally during the day, or before 9 p.m. I saw a large, round, brilliant, unwaveringly bright white light, closely followed by the helicopter, which had blinking red and white lights, seen from my angle of vision. They were heading east, in a straight-line path. The helicopter was following closely; the object was larger than the helicopter, but made no discernable noise. The helicopter was quite close to the object and obviously tailing it. I watched it until it flew out of sight, over the distant tree line. I've seen helicopters at night before; even tandem pairs, but never one following another, obviously different type of aircraft, so closely. [End Quote]'

"Two friends saw three bright, fast moving discs, one after the other in early morning on August 22 in Great Falls, VA (about 80 miles from the quake).

"'My friend and I were drinking coffee early on the morning of August 22, 2011. At approximately 6:15 a.m., the moon (and what I believe is Mars) were still visisble in the night sky. And it was between those two brightest points, we saw a white-lighted disc traveling at a very high rate of speed--faster than what could be a satellite. The altitude was approximately 50,000 feet. We watched as the object fluttered out. As we were talking about this event, the same or different object reaappears. It flies in a oblong pattern, then flutters out. A few minutes later, either the same object just closer, or a bigger one altogether reappears out of thin air, stays in the same position then flutters out. [End Quote]'

"Stepping back in time, you don't find a report until August 18. There have been no reports submitting for today (August 23). I would have to say, based upon what has been reported so far, that local 'earthlights' which are usually seen close to the ground before a quake were not seen in this case. Additionally, I can't say that an uptick in the number of 'conventional' UFOs was reported either.
"I will update my conclusion, if needed, if delayed reports are uploaded to the MUFON CMS system."

C&O Depot, Mineral, VA.
Photo by William J Grimes, Mineral, VA, 2007.
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Now the Hurricane, Irene is coming. My thoughts are already with those who are facing this on the east coast. I pray we can all put our differences aside and help each other face the things that are upon us. Mother Nature is doing her thing. It isn't good or bad. It is what it is. We just need to hang on and help each other through this wild ride. For the thing that connects us all is our vulnerability to and dependence on the Natural World.

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