Friday, August 19, 2011

Treatise on Emotional Contagion from my Inner Guidance

Emotional Contagion presents in three distinct arenas. All are fear based.

One presents as frank uncertainty, stress and anger.

One presents in Dogmatic Practice. Triggered by search for stability and acceptance of an
external source.

One presents in ‘the state of acceptance” This involves acknowledgement and legitimizing emotions. Calmness, Peace, Wisdom and Inner knowing is expressed from internal influence connected to a Higher Source.

Emotional Contagion cannot be avoided. It can be acknowledged. Acknowledgement enhances awareness and awareness heightens response ability. Emotional Contagion is not an objective specimen that one can just decide to eradicate or avoid. It is a facet of the human condition in this physical plane.

It is a mode of unconscious sharing between humans and is yet another link of connectivity among humankind.

It is a viable form of projection. It is best utilized for survival and adaptation to the environment; physical, emotional and mental.

Emotional Contagion bypasses the primitive forms of verbal communication. It speaks the truth of human
perception and expression. The truth that each human perceives and interprets subjectively becomes mirrored in those around them.

Awareness enhances the ability to filter the subjective truth with more objective truth. The truth that comes from an internal influence connected to a Higher Source.

This assists the process of sharing joy, calm, peace and love. It also assists the perception and identification of other humans’ pain, fear, depression and anger.

The potential for emotional contagion is vast. Acknowledgement and awareness gives humans in a state of acceptance heightened discernment and response ability.

Always strive to respond with compassion and empathy. This too is emotional contagion.

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