Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Quiet Saturday Evening

I am sitting here in my little office. My dog is lying on the floor beside my chair. It is quiet. I don't have any music on..and I am not a huge television fan. My partner is at work. His truck is fixed and he is back on the road again.

Today we spent most of our day together and it was very nice. My insides have calmed down. The intense sense of urgency has calmed considerably. I didn't get any large projects finished. I listened a lot. Took a couple of walks back up the hollow. I reflected on the past week.

I know a large internal shift has occurred inside me. I am not sure what this entails but I am sure I will find out. One step at a time. I have utilized the methods my Guidance have given me to process and cope with things that cause me to be stuck. (By being "stuck" I mean to be in a place emotionally that I cannot work through. It is as palpable as an obstruction but the cause is sometimes elusive. It holds my thoughts in a way that resembles an obsession. And causes an escalation of anxiety.)

The methods they have given me include "leaning into" the uncertain feelings, giving myself Reiki, Circulating my Aura, acknowledging and legitimizing my emotions and putting myself into a "state of acceptance".

These tools assist me by allowing me to continue the energy circulation throughout my aura, a healthier way to control my emotions, to ease anxiety that is triggered by uncertainty, to keep me connected to Higher Source and to help ground me enough to keep my awareness in the Now.

So the good news is...Even though I have an underlying sensation of uncertainty. It is causing me more curiosity than anxiety at this point. I am kind of interested in seeing what happens next opposed to being obsessively focused and worried. I am still peaceful inside. I am thankful I was able to work through my ego's hesitancy to post my writings on Emotional Contagion. It was very difficult but a huge weight lifted from me when I did. I felt a deep sense of relief that was much stronger than any embarrassment I felt at publicly revealing just how deeply entrenched in my spiritual life I really am.

I am ensconced in the Now at this time. My energy is circulating. I can sense a slight change in the vibration of my energy field. I can't put a finger on it and explain it...but it is just what it is supposed to be. There will be other things I will be guided to ponder and contemplate deeply..but for being is at rest.

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