Friday, August 19, 2011

Inner Guidance on the Move

My Inner Guidance has T-boned me again. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful. I am the one that asked for guidance and wisdom. Sooo..that’s the way it rolls. I am Thankful but confused and a bit unsettled.

My Guides have introduced another is, of course, connected to everything else They have led me to contemplate and focus on. It seems sudden but in retrospect; I think I can see where things were leading up to the actual adamant introduction into my psyche.

It doesn’t matter because I am not that savvy and didn’t put the pieces together til later. As usual. My first full awareness occurred this past Sunday. This is Friday so it was 6 days ago. I was driving towards Beckley to run a couple of errands.

I was paying attention to the road, perusing plants on the sides of the road and listening to NPR in the background on the radio. I can’t even tell you what they were talking about. I was just heading into Eccles when I heard the two words that have shaken up my routine, my usual thought patterns etc..”Emotional Contagion”

I have no idea what the radio program was speaking about in regards to this. I just know that when I heard those two words together; everything around me slowed down and my concentration was yanked to the awareness of these words being spoken. I felt the big energy surge that comes along with sensing the close proximity of my Guidance. My hair was standing up, I had goose pimples and just hearing those words affected my entire pattern of thinking.

I composed myself and continued driving...trying to figure out what had occurred to pulled my attention so abruptly. I finished my errands and went home. I attempted to occupy my mind with my usual activities..that I always enjoy. But I just could not settle in. All I could do was think about Emotional Contagion. I had no idea what it meant..except what I could decipher from the words.

Monday after work I looked up a few things about it..I was still kind of confused..perplexed by my single minded focus on emotional contagion. All else faded into the background.

Finally, I stopped resisiting, began utilizing the ways of processing things. Things that my Guidance has taught me over the years to process issues that take my attention so fully..

As I said, I stopped resisting and “leaned into it”. In other words I allowed myself to feel fully the sensations these two words caused inside me. I gave myself Reiki, Circulated my Aura and consciously concentrated on being in a State of Acceptance.

The presence of my Guidance was physically palpable. I knew this is important whether I realized it or not.

I stayed with this for about an hour. After that..I began to sense words in my head..coming fast..and repeating over and over. That is the signal that I need to write it down. So I did. I will write what they said in my next Document but this experience in itself stands alone for intensity.

This is something that is very important for me somehow. Important for me to place my awareness on. Not to Beware..or be wary but Be Aware. My Awareness and Acknowledgment of Emotional Contagion is all my Guidance is concerned about.

I don’t need to do anything but Be. (to Be is to Do without doing) I think that is what they meant. I don’t need to understand it..because I already have this knowing. (To know without understanding why) This is merely an important review.
This is my interpretation of my Guidance’s intent.

I talked to one of my sisters about it last night and she sent me a great article on Emotional Contagion. I wrote what my Guidance gave me. And I felt more settled about it after I read to her what my Guides gave me to write about Emotional Contagion.

But I woke up this began as a niggling..and is growing as the day wears on. It is taking precedence over everything. Meditation, my housework, reading, etc..I even tried cutting the grass..and I had to stop. They (Inner Guidance) want me to write this in my Blog.

The wind against my sails have shifted...and I don’t really know what direction I am headed now. I am not off course. I have just been redirected according to my Guidance...or Directed ...cause like I said..I can see where this was coming in retrospect...maybe its the way I was always headed but it is on a need to know basis?? I have no idea.

This is very unsettling to me. My ego doesn't even want me to put this on my blog. But my Inner heart does. And that is what I follow. Writing this and putting it here is very emotionally charged for me.

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